Mindfulness, Self-Care and Strengthening Emotional Resilience

A 1-day workshop facilitated by Suzanne Schultz MA - a highly experience psychotherapist, counsellor and educator.



Increasingly there is a need to recognise the importance of self-care as a practitioner so that the life affirming work can remain rewarding and not result in a sudden exit from the profession. Mindfulness practices can help to mitigate the impact of the emotionally demanding work we undertake and helps reduce stress and strengthen our capacity to cope with the work. By including mindfulness in our attitude towards ourselves, others and our work we develop a more resilient disposition and ongoing relaxed state, which strengthens us to continue with the essential work of supporting others.


This one day course is designed to support the work, strengthen the practitioner and introduce the importance of self-care. Utilised and practised in a grounded way, mindfulness can be a tool to develop awareness and an antidote to stress.  Participants will be introduced to mindfulness practices that can be practically built into their daily lives and to affirm their reasons for being in the caring profession.


Price (ex VAT & expenses): £500.00


NB The price quoted is for the delivery of each course – numbers are not limited but we recommend group sizes of no more than 24 participants.


Suzanne Schultz, MA

Specialist Consultant and Trainer



01159 704 811


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PITAS/10053 -  January 2020


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