Personal Safety Training for Front Line and Lone Workers

There is an increasing recognition of the risks of workers being exposed to aggression and violence in the workplace.  This effects a wide range of frontline and lone workers across a variety of settings.  From A&E staff, customer service staff, throught to community-based health and social care workers, traffic wardens, maintenance staff, delivery workers to name just a few!


This 1-day course is aimed at providing front line and lone workers with an insight into ensuring their health and safety at work.  It specifically focuses on risks associated with potential violence and aggression and provides practical advice, measures for ensuring safety as well as de-escalation skills.  It also covers relevant legislation and examines the principles of self-defence, the use of force and proportionality.


Suitable for staff in a wide variety of sectors and activities from sales and maintenance through to social and healthcare provision including community workers and domicillary care staff.


PLEASE NOTE:  This course can be extended to include teaching a range of basic self-protection and breakaway skills.

Price (ex VAT & expenses): £POA


NB The price quoted is for the delivery of each course – numbers are not limited but we recommend group sizes of no more than 24 participants.


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Our physical interventions training courses are accredited through the BILD PITAS scheme.

PITAS/10053 -  January 2020


We are working with BILD ACT (Association of Certified Training) towards certification of our training as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards (2019). Certification will be live by the start of October and will be a requirement from April 2020. We are on target to be one of the first organisations to gain certification by the 1st October.

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