The Mental Capacity Act  (2005) & DOLS

As a piece of legislation, the Mental Capacity Act (2005) has far-reaching implications for all but there is a particular need for those working in health and social care to be alert to its implications and to work within the Code of Practice in ensuring that the rights of those who may lack capacity some or all of the time are respected in accordance with the law.


The Mental Capacity Act 2005


When it comes to decisions made for or on behalf of someone who lacks capacity, the health or social care worker plays a significant role.


When considering the use of restrictive practices and supporting people who lack capacity, we have a clear legal framework - the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS).


This course outlines the legislation, its key principles and its implications for practice as set out in the legislation itself but also as informed by case law.


Participants will be introduced to tools for assessing capacity and assessing best interest and will have the opportunity of completing the assessments either based on someone they know or a case study.


On completion of the training, participants should be clear in their obligations under the legiuslation and how to go about participating in the protection of the rights and best interest of those they support.


This 1/2-day course is delivered using a variety of media - videos, powerpoint presentations, discussions, case studies and groupwork.


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