BILD PITAS Accredited Physical interventions Training

All of our physical interventions training courses are accredited through the BILD PITAS scheme.  The courses are suitable for a wide range of services with the content being enhanced for specific service requirements (adults, children etc.).


We do not use a specific acronym or name for the physical interventions aspects of the training but it is equivalent to Positive Handling a term often used in schools and education services), MAPA (managing aggression and potential aggression) and MOVA (management of violence and aggression).  However, we not use pain compliance-based skills, nor any restraint that compromises the airway, breathing or circulation.  Our training is safe, ethical and always emphasises the importance of prevention and de-escalation.


Our BILD accredited courses are available at 2 levels.  We also offer an train-the-trainer option.  Click on the course title for more information:

Accreditation and Suitability

The training is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) under the PITAS scheme as suitable for a wide range of services for children and adults:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism
  • Mental Health/CAMHS
  • Education/Schools
  • Social Care
  • Healthcare
  • Community Support
  • ..and more...

Naturally, there will be some variation to the course content depending on the service and the precise service user group.  Accordingly, the content of each programme can be adapted to the needs of the commissioning organisation as long as it does not impact the accreditation requirements.  For services supporting younger children for example, we have a range of adapted techniques to suit their size and vulnerabilities.  In addition, where specific or bespoke restraint techniques are required, we are able to provide either extended techniques from our current portfolio or work with the commissioning organisation to develop and risk assess new techniques.


All of our techniques taught are independently risk assessed by Browns Health and Safety Consultants.


We are strong advocates of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and believe it can be applied with great effect across many service settings but again, respect that some services already have strong and effective (possibly equivalent) models of behaviour support.  Our aim is to work with you in embedding evidence-based, ethical approaches to challenging behaviours and we are accordingly happy to adapt the course to fit with your requirements.


“The training is innovative and creative utilising a range of approaches never seen before. This means that not only is the training fit for purpose but is also delivered in an effective way that will hold the participants attention and will enable them to remember the content long after the training is complete. One example of this is the use acronyms such as STEPS and REFLECT. The training content is contemporaneous, valid and evidence based, in summary, excellent…I would highly recommend to any commissioners for training.”


- Justine Barksby, RNLD, BSc(hons), MSc, PGCHE, PGcert (Management), Lecturer, School of Health Sciences, The University of Nottingham (MARCH 2012)



Our training is delivered in accordance with the BILD Code of Practice 4th Edition (2014). Accordingly, any organisation commissioning training will need to adhere to the guidelines within the Code of Practice. To find out more, please read our current policy:


Sherwood Training's RPI Training Policy
PI Training Policy_Jan_2017.pdf
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Our physical interventions training courses are accredited through the BILD PITAS scheme.

PITAS/10053 -  January 2020


We are working with BILD ACT (Association of Certified Training) towards certification of our training as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards (2019). Certification will be live by the start of October and will be a requirement from April 2020. We are on target to be one of the first organisations to gain certification by the 1st October.

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