Why choose BILD accreditation?

Sherwood Training's courses in Challenging Behaviour and Physical Interventions have been accredited through the British Institute of Learning Disabilities accreditation scheme (currently referred to as PITAS) since January 2011.  Our aim is to ensure compliance to the Code of Practice (4th edition) and consequently offer high quality training to our customers.


Our current accreditation certificate is PITAS/10053 valid until the end of January 2020.


The BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme provides external scrutiny of training providers (in an otherwise unregulated industry). The scheme focuses on universal elements of crisis management and supporting distressed people, and currently accredits 40 training organisations. Training around the use of Physical Interventions (PI) must be within a framework which underpins the reduction in the use of PI.


The Scheme is an evidence based process of external validation of the quality of physical intervention training programmes delivered to the health, social care and education sectors. The fundamental process of accreditation is the provision of evidence that the applicant training organisation’s curriculum and trainers comply with all of the criteria set out in the BILD Code of Practice (2014). It does not in any way endorse the techniques but focuses on the robustness of the risk assessment. Above all, the focus is on ethics, theory and values.


BILD accredited training organisations, programmes, and trainers are required to promote:


  • Best interests, human rights and quality of life
  • An understanding that behaviour has a purpose and function
  • A balance of proactive and preventive approaches to reduce reliance on restrictive practices, as well as reactive strategies and de-escalation techniques
  • Person-centred, individualised plans
  • The use of data to ensure reduction of physical intervention over time
  • Supportive teamwork when working with behaviours of concern
  • The importance of reflective practice, debrief and review
  • The importance of handing over when stressed
  • The importance of a bespoke approach to the inclusion of any physical skills


BILD accredits the training provider. CQC and Ofsted regulate service providers. If there was a concern over the training, BILD would address and if necessary suspend accreditation. If there is a concern over practice by a service provider, this is the role of CQC and Ofsted.


Adult health and social care commissioners, and learning disability and autism service providers make the BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme a requirement when commissioning training services, and increasingly, children’s services are requiring compliance with the Scheme also.

Currently BILD are preparing to pilot the BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme overseas, and in low and medium secure acute and forensic Mental Health services under the guidance of a steering group which includes representation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of Nursing, the British Psychological Society, the Care Quality Commission, and the Department of Health.


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Our physical interventions training courses are accredited through the BILD PITAS scheme.

PITAS/10053 -  January 2020


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